Are you ready for the biggest sporting event this semester? We guarantee you are!!!!!!!!

CULTURAL CLUB COLLAB || ⚽🏆🍻 (Melbourne University Greek Association, Melbourne University Italian Social Club, Melbourne University Lebanese Student Society, Melbourne University French Club, Melbourne University German Club and Melbourne University Turkish Society)

READ THIS!!!! 6x cultural clubs, 10x rounds of soccer, 100s of beers(and even more soft drinks), unlimited food(nearly), 1x MEGA CULTURAL BBQ! No simple snags here ladies and gentlemen, we’re bringing you all the best our cultures have to offer! What more can you ask for!!!!!!!

On Wednesday April 10, from 4pm-7pm come on down and enjoy what is for offer! We’ve picked a time when classes are done for you to come and play, indulge your gustatory senses OR even just sink some frosty beers after a tough day of skipping lectures! 🍺🥩🧀🥖

So, come on down to THE UNIMELB SPORTS COMPLEX (On the hockey courts behind the gym) and be prepared to have the time of your life!

Everyone is welcomed here, even if you don’t want to play, come on down for the food and drink or even watch a few goals being scored. Spectators are happily welcome!

♥ come and support your amici, φιλοι, freunde, copains/copines, أصدقاء, arkadaş ♥


Assemble your team #avengersassemble || Choose your team name #notitalianstallionsagain || Registration is free (commitment required) || Contact your respective club || Mar 29 all teams DUE || Mixed teams (M/F) of 5x || MEGA PRIZE POOL 🥇🥈🥉