Clubs Expo

Thursday 20 July, 12-3pm
Concrete Lawn

Want to meet new people and get involved in campus life? Get into the Clubs Expo!

You’ll see a huge selection of our student clubs and societies on display, luring you in with a variety of free (and sometimes delicious) incentives! Big or small, popular or obscure – if someone somewhere is passionate about it, we’ve got a group to cover it!

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Here’s the lineup:

Aerospace and Robotics Society

Amnesty International

Animal Protection Society

Anime and Manga Club

Australia China Youth Association

Australian Labor Party Club

Bhakti Yoga Club

Calligraphy Club

Cantonese Student Association

Cast on Charity Group

Catholic Society

Catholics of One Spirit Down Under

Cheese Club

Chemical Engineering Student Society

Chess Club

China Rural Education Initiative

Chinese Culture Society

Chinese Debating Group

Chinese Food Hunter Club

Chinese Philosophy In Business

Chinese Students and Scholars Association

Chocolate Lovers’ Society

Christian Union

Community Based Health Project

Computing and Information Systems Students Association (CISSA)

Cosmic Hitchhikers Appreciation Society

Cube Society

Debating Society

Economics Student Society of Australia

Electrical Engineering Club

Financial Management Association of Australia (FMAA)

Fotoholics Photography Club

Friends Of Unnatural Llamas

German Club

Greek Association

Habitat for Humanity

Hong Kong Students Association

Indian Graduate Students Society

Indonesian Campus Ministries

Indonesian Student Association (PPIA)

International Commerce Students Society

Iranian Society

Italian Social Club

Japanese Club

Juice Society

Language Exchange Club

Linguists Interpreting Nuanced Garbling

Malaysians of Melbourne University (MoMU)

Marketing Intelligence

Music Student’s Society

Myanmar Student Association

Overseas Christian Fellowship

Oxfam Group

Physics Students’ Society


Potter Heads

Psychology Association

Res Publica: University of Melbourne Republic Club

Ring Of Choir

Robogals Melbourne

Russian Society

Scandinavian Club

Secular Society

Singapore Students Society

Soccer Appreciation Society

Society for Electronic Entertainment

Solidarity Student Club

Students Arise Learning To Serve

Students’ Association of Management and Marketing

Tabletop Gaming Society

Teochew Youth Society

Turkish Society

Tzu Chi Collegiate Association

Universities Allied For Essential Medicines

University Network for Investing and Trading

Vegan Club

Vexillologists of Melbourne University

Vietnamese Students’ Association

Wine Society

Women in Technology

Youth Charity Society