Youth Charity Society 2017 City Tour + Food Tour


Feeling adventurous?

Youth Charity Society will be organizing a City and Food Tour. Through this trip, we hope to deepen our bonds with our new members and provide you with the opportunity to familiarize yourselves with the city. We start our trip from the University Square. We will be visiting many places, such as Queen Victoria Market, Bourke Street Mall, State Library, Chinatown, Flinders Station, Federation Square and Hosier Lane*. Along the way, we will also stop by at our sponsors’ restaurants to have lunch and dessert. What are you waiting for? Sign-up now!

If you are not yet a member of Youth Charity Society and would like to join in the fun, fret not. Simply get in touch with us via our email and one of our committees will answer your queries.

*Specific destinations may vary if there are unforeseen circumstances. Follow us on our social media for the latest news feed.