O-Week Publication

A graphic with a purple background , silver stars and wavy line art in blue, yellow, pink and red. On the left is the text "Our Creative Arts Online Publication Available Now!" with the SSAF logo next to the text. On the right is the publication's front cover features the department's album cover design; paint brushes, laptops, easels, drills, paintings, cameras, touchpads, pens, spray paint cans, music notes, measuring tapes and a shooting star circling the text "Creative Arts". Underneath are the words "Let's Get Creative, A Collection of All Things Arty", with the UMSU Creative Arts and SSAF logos below.


This is our O-week publication, available for digital download!




Within its pages you will find important information about who we are, what our department’s all about, the events we have planned for the year, and a bunch of gorgeous submissions from talented student artists!