Deaf and Hard of Hearing


Australian sign language – Auslan is the language used by the Australian Deaf community.

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How can Auslan make your show accessible?

AUSLAN Interpreters

You can employ Auslan interpreters for your performance. They will interpret the show live within view on stage.

You might ask: Is your show reliant on comic timing, music, and complex text? If so, you can still have the work Auslan Interpreted and can work with a specialist interpreter with experience in these areas.

If you are not sure, reach out to an interpreting service for advice.

Things you need to know

  • Auslan is not a direct translation, but an interpretation.
  • An interpreter should be given access to any scripts, texts, videos, etc well in advance. They should also be involved in a rehearsal.
  • Some Auslan interpreters specialise in theatre, for example Auslan Stage Left. However, there are many services that can potentially support your activities.
  • Where possible, your marketing and advertising can list the name of your interpreters. They are known within the community and sometimes audiences have preferences.
  • It is very helpful to learn some basic Auslan so that you can communicate with your audience. Signs for toilet, queues, box office, ticket, bar, exit are a good place to start.
  • Budget and allocate time within rehearsals for your interpreter.
  • Where is the best place for your interpreter to be? Reserve seats with the best view of the interpreter.
  • Make sure the interpreter is well lit, with priority on the top half of their body.
  • Never cancel an interpreter because you don’t think anyone coming requires it. If you have advertised an Auslan performance, audience members will not let you know they need it as it is clearly provided.
  • If there is another reason why you need to cancel an interpreter, let the audience know ASAP

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