General Access Information

Check out the Venue

Go to your venue or possible venues, look for any access barriers and speak to the venue staff about access.

Physical Access

  • Check there are ramps, clear pathways and the accessible toilet is able to be used.
  • Does the venue have automatic doors or does someone need to be ready to open the door for guests?
  • Is the accessible entrance the regular entrance? If not, consider appropriate wayfinding signage.
  • Ask for an alternative ticket collection counter at a lower height for people who use wheelchairs and people of short stature
  • Allocate seating for people who use wheelchairs that is not at the back or on the side if possible.

Front of House Staff

A large part of the audience’s experiences is from interaction with Front of House staff. Work with the venue Front of House staff to make a welcoming space for all.

Has your team completed Access training?

Accessible Arts NSW- Access Resources:

Melbourne Fringe Producers Guide (2020) Page 35 to 38

What Can You Do?

Ask for Access

Communicate to your venue and team that access is a priority and work together.

Marketing and Tickets

Have you marketed your show to a diverse community? Ensure your marketing material is accessible (and that it has been passed through a document accessibility checklist) and there are clear and available ways to purchase tickets.

Show Time

Is your show at an accessible time? Have a think about how long it takes to get to the venue and how people travel e.g. public transport, or by car (and how hard is it to find a park).

Concession Discount

It often costs more for people with access requirements to attend the theatre. Offering a concession price helps to bridge the gap and make theatre more affordable and accessible.

Companion Cards

Do you/the venue accept Companion Cards? Companion Cards are given to a support person and can be used to get a free ticket (2 for 1).

Provide all the information

Ensure that you have provided all the information about access on your website, event pages and marketing. Make it clear, concise and easy to find.

You can make an Access Pack that lists all the information around access provisions. This can also include images of the venue, how to get to and from the venue, contact information for more questions

Example Accessibility and Relaxed Performance Pack from Artemis: Utter Mess – Prepared by Theodore Murray and Artemis Munoz (2019):

Signage and Communication

Ensure there is clear and large signage throughout the venue and coming to the venue. You can also use or create a Wayfinding video:

Printed Programs

Provide programs in large print if required.


Add the correct symbols to your marketing to clearly communicate what access provisions have been made. See the document below which contains a comprehensive list of symbols from Access2Arts and Arts Access Australia.

Communication Board

A communication board is a board/signage which displays photos, symbols, or illustrations. It’s often located at the box office, bar and any place in which someone needs to communicate. This board shows images and symbols that both staff and guests can reference throughout their communication.