Farewell to the Original UHT Venues

Join us as we say a big farewell to the original theatre venues in Union House!

Student Theatre folk past and present are warmly invited to an informal celebration on the stage of the Union Theatre. Come reminisce about your time in these historical venues and wander through the Union, Guild Theatre and Des Connor Room one final time.

There'll be opportunities on the day to share your favourite memories of your student theatre days in Union House.

Reconnect with old friends and come and share this special moment with the UHT team.

When: Thursday 25 August 4:30pm-6:30pm

Where: Union Theatre (the original one), Union House

Afterwards from 7pm at the Clyde

Bookings: Free, RSVP Essential at UHTfarewell.eventbrite.com.au

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A Selection of Shared Memories:

Some of my favourite memories of being at Unimelb are actually from the shows I did! One of my first shows was in the Guild and it was “Things We Should Talk About”, with Xanthe, and it was the best early experience of UniMelb student theatre and some of my friends, who I have now, are from that show. The other shows (like The Witches of Eastwick where I was Deputy Stage Manager or working on a Tastings shows, “Medusa”) gave me skills in stage management and writing, I loved developing my stage management skills from Khat Kerr (the old production manager) and sitting in Bio boxes with different crews, you cannot beat the conversations that happen over comms. What audiences never see are the moments people working in the stage management teams have with their actors, during Witches of Eastwick (which ran in the Union Theatre, I had a lot of moments where I would stand listening to cues with Harry Gore or Max Jelbert (who were our two male leads in the show) hugging me while the show was running, and those are the best memories I have from the Union Theatre.

My first memory at UHT was during Mudfest of 2017, I had only been working at UHT for a short time and hadn’t totally figured my way around the venues. On this day I had been walking from the workshop to the production office several time which generally means walking onto stage of the Union Theatre, at one point there was a rehearsal on the stage, all good so far.

About half an hour later l get a call reminding me of a STG production meeting in the office. Doing what I had done earlier that day I walked upstairs on stage and seeing that the house curtain was closed and believing there was still a rehearsal happening flicked the side of the curtain open to walk on stage down into the auditorium to make my way up to the Production office. Unfortunately, there wasn’t a rehearsal going on but a performance, without missing a beat I audibly exhaled and continued walking to said meeting.

This was only made worse by the fact that I am also a professional actor by training and once the meeting and performance had ended I returned to the scene of the crime with a plateful of humble pie and my apology.