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UHT Student Theatre Podcast

 The UHT Peer Mentors hatched a plan near the end of 2021 to pair up  students and recent graduates to get together and chat about theatre. They gave them a list of questions to choose from and 25 minutes to interview one another. The following podcasts are the brave souls who logged on to Zoom to talk about theatre with a total stranger. Enjoy!



The Good, The Bad and The Arty

During the COVID times, two men, Blondie (Allen) and Angel Eyes (Clynton), form an uncomfortable alliance while looking for the missing treasures of  the art of theatre. They must also outwit Tuco (the ugly pandemic), an outlaw who wants to plunder the riches for himself or stop anyone else from finding it.

The following podcast is the result of UHT’s Allen Laverty and Clynton Jones sitting down to chat about all things theatre.