Symeon Stylites the Elder

He climbed mountains
he dived into turquoise lakes
but still he dragged
on his tail
ten pilgrims
like a wedding train.


my grandmother used to grow foxglove
digitalis –
the scientific name means
and refers to the ease with which a flower can be fitted over a fingertip

Postmen’s Trail

“I’ve got mostly letters today, but some interesting shaped items as well,” shouts Gary to his comrade. The postmen always shout when they are riding.
“Must be your lucky day. My entire batch is letters and magazines. I don’t get even one chance for a signature,” replies Steve at the same volume.

Best by Test

I grew up in a big house in a town called Shlongbucket. I know: the name is unfortunate. Shlongbucket: it […]


I remember the braided scar on your left shoulder where a wing could have grown. the way you would retreat […]