Against Her Nature

Monday, 30 March, 2015

Delicate long petals

Strong soothing aroma

The vision a victim

Of alien seduction

On its own will

Expires and dissolves

To undermine Mother Nature


A well-built structure

Hair of vines and leaves

A competent warrior

To conquer barbaric winds

The porter of fruits

On its own will

Withers and dissolves

To provoke Mother Nature


A long unpredictable path

Moist with frivolous life

An upset wave

Throws a tantrum

Spoils the surface

With resentful tides

On its own will

Evaporates and dissolves

To aggravate Mother Nature


Rocky surfaces

Fickle architecture

Superfluous heights arouse adrenaline

A challenge of extreme caution

On its own will

Erodes and dissolves

To dethrone Mother Nature


An intelligent entity

Swollen in pride and envy

Egos unmatched

In the absence of warfare

The bearers of humanity

Upon their own will

Massacres and revenge

To overthrow Mother Nature