Concession Card Cooking: Egg and Cheese Toastie

Friday, 9 May, 2014

Welcome to Concession Card Cooking!
Each month, I’ll present you with a recipe that’s cheap and easy to cook—a perfect student feed.

Words and Photo by Nathaniel Seddon-Smith

The Starks have it right: Winter is coming. With the cold months fast approaching, a quick, warm feast is just what you’re going to need after a miserable walk home from the train station and a punishing timetable of assignments to look forward to.

You may be thinking that egg and cheese on a toastie is about as tasty as a feast at Lord Frey’s castle, but trust me: this bit of student cuisine is as heart-warming as watching the Hound take care of Arya—and more filling than an inn full of chickens.


Sliced Bread


Eggs (one for each toastie)

Salt & Pepper


Tasty cheese

Sandwich Toaster also needed


Crack the eggs into a bowl. Add a little bit of milk, season lightly with the salt and pepper, then mix it up. This is a basic omelette/scramble mix.

Turn on the sandwich toaster, butter one side of a slice of bread, then lay it butter-down on the hot plate.

Flatten the bread a bit in the middle, then pour the egg mix on the bread. That’s right, all over it. It doesn’t matter if it goes everywhere, that’s part of the plan.

Grate as much cheese as your heart desires on top of the egg.

Butter another slice of bread then put that on top, butter side up, and close the toaster.

In a couple of minutes, your delicious creation will be ready to eat!

This is a basic recipe that you can get creative with. Try adding tomato paste and oregano, olives or eggplant for extra flavour and goodness.