Saturday, 27 September, 2014

Welcome to 2014’s second-last edition of Farrago.

You all deserve a reward for getting through student elections and finishing mid-sems. Or a distraction from studying/general life stresses. Think of the following sixty-something pages as the solution to all of the above.

You’ll find a farrago of topics in edition seven. In the news section, we’ve devoted a page to Prime Minister’s visit to campus—read about what happened when Tony came to town on page 10. A few pages on, in the features section, Yan Zhuang makes some noise about student activism and Eliza McDonald delves into the mysterious world of colleges. Further on, Lauren Béldi finds out who picks up the phone when you call Lifeline.

Over in the Fodder section, we bring some social issues to the fore, finding out how ethical considerations fit into our everyday lives. The conveniently named James Fodor kicks us off with a piece on effective altruism. Carnivores will savour Christian Slattery’s piece on the ethical benefits of eating meat on page 34. But vegetarians and vegans get to have their egg-free cake and eat it too, with the infographic on the facing page. Rachael O’Reilly also tells us which clothes we should be avoiding.

The second half of our magazine largely contains unethical content.

We hope you enjoy it. But if you don’t, tell us!

There’s a survey circulating on the interwebz where we ask for your feedback. Imagine the SES survey, except fun. We can’t enter you in a draw to win a $500 Visa gift card though, sorry. But we have a few spare CDs and books lying around in our office, if you’d like one.

We’ve had people tell us (through the survey, and other means) they think we don’t publish enough of certain perspectives, like queer or libertarian. That’s not because we don’t want to—it’s because we haven’t received anything about it! If you’ve got some thoughts on libertarian or queer (or libertarian queer) topics, submit something! You’ll be pioneering areas we might not have touched yet. And you’ll get a byline in the last Farrago for 2014—what’s not to like?

Lastly, some stupol stuff. We’d like to congratulate four very cool cats: Lynley, Simon, Maddy and Martin. After a landslide win during the student elections, these four have been announced our successors for next year. We have complete confidence that these four will do great things with Farrago in 2015.

Stay cool,

Zoe, Kevin, Michelle and Sean.