Former MP Goes Back to School

Tuesday, 29 April, 2014

Former Liberal frontbencher Sophie Mirabella has accepted a part-time position at the University of Melbourne.

Ms Mirabella has been appointed as a Public Policy Fellow within the university’s School of Social and Political Sciences. She will run lectures and seminars, giving a firsthand view of the world of politics.

The former MP, who was defeated at last year’s federal election, had held the rural Victorian seat Indi since 2001.

Ms Mirabella said she was delighted to the university, where she studied Law and Commerce.

“It’s very exciting to be able to contribute to the university that has given me so much,” she said.“It’s one thing looking at ‘Politics 101’, it’s another thing to look at how things actually operate.”

However James Crafti, a member of Socialist Alternative within the university, is not impressed.

“The appointment of former Liberal MP Mirabella, especially at a time when the conditions of university staff and students are under attack, is a slap in the face for everyone who wants a decent education system and fair society,” he said.

Professor Adrian Little, Head of the University’s School of Social and Political Sciences, believes Ms Mirabella’s experience in both public policy and politics, will be invaluable to staff and students alike.

We all look forward to her insights and contributions while at the University.”

During her studies Ms. Mirabella was active in student life as President of the Melbourne University Liberal Club and Vice-President of the Australian Liberal Students’ Federation.

Ms Mirabella will commence her position immediately.