Grand (Rehearsal) Designs Australia

Saturday, 28 March, 2015

It’s the start of semester, which means the beginning of the student theatre season, and the beginning of rehearsals! There are an exciting few months ahead for Union House Theatre, with double digit shows playing, and MUDfest, Australia’s largest student arts festival in planning for August. If you’re feeling keen to get involved in (pretty much) anything in MUDfest (anything at all—theatre, dance, music, art, knock yourself out!), you definitely should. But wait, you might be asking: where should I rehearse?

Never fear. I am here.

The Des Connor Room, conveniently located in the upper echelons of Union House from outside doors, is a glam place for trying out that scene you’ve always wanted to stage. Featuring real actual nice wood for a floor, wall mirrors (!) and more tiny side rooms than you could possibly want (assuming you want, maybe, only one), the Des Connor is one of the best. It can be pronounced Dey Connor, Dess Connor, or if you’re feeling adventurous, a mixture of the two.

For that aesthetic-white-walls feeling, you can’t go past the Workshop. A great place to workshop (sorry) your stuff, you’ll find this beauty at the opposite end of those stairs in North Court, next to all of the asbestos-present yellow stickers. The sound quality is excellent, as will be your memories, and it’s even got cubbyholes to store your things.

An underrated, little known and out-of-the-way gem, Room 418 in 757 Swanston is as black as your soul and as cool as ice. You don’t have to venture very far from the Swanston St. tram stop to get there, and you’ll experience the 757 elevators, which are, to be real: excellent. Once you’re in, you’ll never want to leave: spacious, pleasant, and comfortable, you won’t be able to believe you’d never come here before.

And who could forget the multi-purpose rooms on the second floor of Union House? Graham Cornish nails the half-dance-studio-half-primary-school-classroom look you’ve been longing for your entire life, and Joe Napolitano has a piano: all four together could rock your world, and you could indeed have all four, thanks to the retractable walls!

With so many fantastic spaces, there’s no excuse not to throw yourself into student theatre this semester, so get rehearsing!