Pencil Case

Friday, 9 May, 2014

Illustrations by Tegan Iversen

The eraser is a pencil case classic but the old white rectangular prism of rubber is no more. The erasers of today are excitingly varied and there’s the perfect one for everyone. It’s time to put the rubbery goodness back into your life.

MEDIA_daiso_493x861Daiso Novelty Erasers come in a variety of forms including food, animals, and even stationery! Using a rubber that resembles a tiny pair of scissors will really blow your mind. They can also be taken apart and reassembled which is definitely a bonus in dull lectures. Why take notes when you can put together a cake or unicorn instead? The downside is actually using the eraser results in crippling guilt as you deform the tiny adorable piece for rubber. But maybe considered a good incentive to accuracy?

The kneaded eraser is technically for charcoal drawings, but you can also use it to make weird sculptures—which is also quite artistic! In terms of proper usage, it keeps the page clean as it doesn’t leave crumbs but collects other gross stuff like hair and bitten off fingernails. Pretty fun while it lasts but if you’re the careless sort when it comes to stationery, it’ll soon end up embedded to the bottom of your shoe.

MEDIA_milan_518x747The Milan Capsule Eraser and Brush is the Holy Grail for all the clean freaks out there. A smooth white nub for you to rub till your heart’s content, attached to a little brush to dust away the eraser crumbs afterwards. Enjoy the satisfaction of a good vacuum or sweep but in your notebook.  With a textured grip for stability in the hand as well as a cap to keep it clean, it will be pristine forever.


The Kutsawa Eraser Making Kit takes stationery to the next level. I will admit I have never used this product. Nor have I seen it for sale in Australia. But, having spent an embarrassingly large portion of my life watching DIY videos on YouTube, I believe I can realistically conjure the creation process: the colourful malleable dough, gently squeezing the mould together, the anticipation as the microwave counts down to zero… Creative license here enables me to propose a warm rubbery scent in the air.  Next time you make an error in your notes, think upon this and it will take your mind off your pencil’s misshapen marks.