Pencil Case

Monday, 26 May, 2014

Correction fluids, pens, or tapes… there’s a crazy amount of products on offer out there.  Confronted with not only different brands, but also various mediums, it can take years of trial and error to find the best one. Thankfully, I’m here to set you on the correct path.

The Liquid Paper Correction Fluid is a classic. Dating back to the 1950s, it was the first correction method ever invented. If the historical prestige isn’t enough to convince you, the smooth, silky texture of this product definitely will. Typically packaged in a bottle with a brush, it can be lots of fun to apply. However, it does require a somewhat steady hand to manoeuvre if you don’t want to end up with uneven streaks and chunks. The product also tends to crust around the lip of the bottle, making it prone to leakage.

The BIC Wite-out Shake n Squeeze Correction Pen has all the perks of the bottled fluid, but in a handy pen shape. Not only does this assist with control and precision, but allows it to fit uniformly alongside your pens. It’s also a lot more air tight so the product lasts longer. However, despite its superior form, the consistency of the liquid itself tends to be a bit watery if not shaken properly. And it’s probably not the best choice for left-handed users, given its tendency to smudge.

The Pentel Pop N Pop Correction Tape is a hallmark of modern stationery design. The average correction tape can be quite bulky and some brands miserably attempt to pimp them up with fancy grips. However, the Pop N Pop is all about minimalism. This product comes in a tasteful compact silver case, with a lid that adds a splash of colour. This also protects the tape from wear and tear. The streamlined, rectangular form makes it a pleasure to hold and to look at, and the tape dispenser itself is equally as smooth. The tape doesn’t need to dry, making it perfect for fast paced lectures, and is actually refillable. The downside is the tape is quite narrow, which is annoying if you have large hand writing.

The Artline Edit Correction 2-1 Fluid & Tape is a stationery dream come true. As its name suggests, this handy contraption contains both correction fluid and tape for versatility. Unfortunately, this does mean you get less of each, which reduces the longevity of the product. However, if you’re the indecisive sort, or you prefer variety in your life, this product is for you.