Posing a Thread

Wednesday, 23 July, 2014

Ladies and Gents, winter is most definitely here. Meaning, rain, cold and tears, and no more lounging on South Lawn. Instead, expect to be running from building to building with your 36th umbrella of the year. While half of Melbourne escaped to Europe over the break, these three were among the few who braved it out. Sharing how they’ll be keeping warm this winter, they’ve presented a mix of high-end and vintage fashion perfect for these chillier months.


PHD in creative writing

What do you look for in clothes?

Usually just the look would be primary but when I got shopping with my partner it tends to be more the designer. I don’t shy away from spending more if its quality. I’m not like an op-shop guy if that’s a thing.

Where do you shop?

FAT and well, I end up shopping more for other people. General pants for shirts and stuff like that and Alpha 60. They’re the main ones. The smaller boutiques but still chains so they’re cheap because I’m obviously not made of money.

Do you have any go-to items for Winter?

Yeah I’ve got a couple. There’s this one and I’ve got a leather jacket that I bought a few years ago. It’s looking a bit old now but I’m really broke. Normally I’d buy a bunch of clothes around March/April but I didn’t do it this year. Leather works, you just get sick of it. I don’t want to be in uniform. I like a bit of colour.

What would you spend your most money on?

I like watches. I don’t know how much this one was. Shoes, I bought these nice pair of Italian leather shoes from Lygon Street. I sound like such a fucking snob. They were nice handmade leather and they were like 360 bucks. If it’s an item that’s really special. I don’t go out and fucking always spend over $100 on anything but if it’s a nice item I’ll go and do it.

Any recent bargains?

The last time I went shopping I picked up 4 or 5 pairs of jeans on special for about $200 from FAT, I think. I got these. I got the exact same pair twice so I don’t wear them out because they wear out really quickly. And a pair of light blue denim and darker blue denim that are a bit stretchy. The light blue I liked because I grew up listening to Nirvana and Curt Kobain used to wear them, it’s really daggy but I like them.


Bachelor of Science

How do you decide on an outfit in the morning?

Yeah, by how I feel.

Do you have a favourite designer?

Sass and Bide because they’re kind of edgy and really unique.

What do you look for in clothing?

I think uniqueness.

What item of clothing would you spend your most money on?

A blazer because it gives a nice silhouette if you have a nice blazer.

How will you be keeping warm this winter?

Layering singlets and tops. The insulation is really warm. But really, many layers rather than one thick coat. Many layers is better.

What is your next purchase?

There is this dress from Sass and Bide. It has like a jewelled belt and its navy.

Favourite season?

Autumn because there are some hot days and some cool days so you can change up what you wear.



Bachelor of Arts

What is your most recent purchase?

Oh, I bought a new coat last week. Which is kind of like my treat to myself for finishing exams and an investment for Europe at the end of the year. And winter now. It’s a big grey coat. It’s so nice and it’s so warm. The linings really cool. I was so happy.


It wasn’t too bad. More than I normally spend on clothes. Normally I’m an op-shop kind of fan but this was like $125 or something. Which is good for a good coat that is going to last.

What do you look for in clothes?

I don’t know. I go through a lot of crap, like op-shop type clothes. But for something like a coat or shoes or things like that I would spend more money of things that would last longer. Especially shoes, they will just die. They’re designed to just break after a couple of months and that’s so annoying. I think is depends of the item.

Where do you seek inspiration?

Depends of how I feel on the day. Sometimes I’ll put in an effort. Like last week I just picked up these different things off the ground and I ended up just looking like this big Starburst lolly. I had this coat and I think I had this dress as well but I had bright blue stockings and these socks with pineapples on them and it was just so loud. I got out of the house and I was like “what is happening?!” So, sometimes that happens.

Do you have a favourite season?

Definitely summer. I’m definitely a summer person. You can wear much nicer stuff. You don’t have to worry about being rugged up and all that kind of stuff. You can just be freer with looser clothes. It’s much more comfortable as well.