Sex from All Angles

Wednesday, 23 July, 2014

Illustration by Sarah Haris

There are many strains of thought on whether a woman should have sex while her red flower is blooming. Here’s my thought: Do it. Menstruation can last from three to seven days, and that is an awfully long time to self-deprive.

Practical reasons to avoid sex at this most ichorous time are two-fold. One, blood is messy. And two, blood can carry viruses. The former is rendered null and void the moment a man decides that he wants to reach orgasm (majority of men). Ejaculation is messy. Blood is simply another raindrop during a torrential downpour.

As for concern about the transmission of viruses, boy do I have news for you! Unprotected sex, period or no period, can lead to the contraction of gonorrhea, genital warts and all kinds of other lovely infections. Adding a little blood to the mix doesn’t make for a whole new danger.

Now that we’ve examined the objections, let’s consider the advantages to having red (hot) sex. Well, for starters, you’ll have more of it. Periods are usually a monthly occurrence. If you do the maths, that’s three whole months of sex you can reclaim.

A woman’s time of the month is also known to many as ‘Time To Get Crampy’. Sex can provide temporary relief, as endorphins are released into the bloodstream, having an analgesic effect. As physEd teachers are always keen to remind, a bit of ‘light exercise’ can help ease pain.

Most importantly, sex can reduce the duration of a period. According to Everyday Health, during orgasm the uterus experiences additional contractions, which may speed up the expulsion of blood. Even better, a study by researchers at Yale university, headed by Dr. Harvey J Kliman and Erica L. Meaddough, found “Women who engage in sexual activity…while menstruating seem to lower their chances of developing…endometriosis,” a painful disease which can cause infertility. So not only can bloody sex be fun, it can ward off painful conditions. Finally, blood can increase lubrication and engorge the whole area, increasing sensitivity and making sex more enjoyable for both parties.

Sure, blood can stain sheets in a way that sperm just won’t. And yes, bloating and headaches can lower your sex drive. Frankly, for me, a shortened blood lifespan and reduced risk of infertility was invitation enough.