Tales In Space are All Messed Up

Thursday, 1 May, 2014

You may not be familiar with the name Tales in Space, but it’s likely you’ve heard their music; after all, their single Shades was the 16th most played Australian tune on Triple J last year. Like many Triple J artists, they have that cool-arse, indie-pop vibe with an electronic undertone, and have just finished a tour through Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney to promote their new single All Messed Up.

“Triple J has been great for us, we’re so grateful for everyone there for getting behind the song [Shades],” guitarist Pieman says. “It’s really helped us to get our name out there and it’s certainly played a role in our progression as a band throughout 2013.”

Tales in Space are a Sydney duo consisting of Luke Bert, who takes care of the guitar, and Pieman, who’s on the bass. They both contribute to vocals and synth, creating a two-man band.

“We’ve known each other for years. Luke and I met at Audio Engineering College and formed a band for about five odd years but in 2009 it fizzled out and we took a new direction, just the two of us.”

Luke and Pieman have been working on an album, which they will release soon.

“To create, produce and record a whole album ourselves has been a great experience. It’s allowed us to spend a lot of time to go really deep within each song to get the production and sounds exactly right without the pressure of deadlines. Saying that though, the album probably took a lot longer to make because of that same reason.”

Last year, Shades won the John Lennon Songwriting Competition in the rock category. The duo is hoping that their follow-up single, All Messed Up, will be just as popular. The song has a similar vibe to their previous music and will get you up and dancing.

“All Messed Up is a really fun, dancey, catchy pop tune. It really sums us up as a band, we’ve just finished a video clip for it too.”

Luke and Pieman are currently waiting for the release of their upcoming album and are planning to create some new music later on in the year.

“Immediate future plans include smashing out this tour, releasing the clip for All Messed Up and then following up with another single and album release, with anther tour in in a couple of months. We’re also looking at heading overseas later in the year to play some shows.”