The Wolf Stars

Sunday, 21 June, 2015

They say Myrddin sang the stones from Wales
Or that Giants heaped them, transfigured into menhirs from the early sun.

The plain is minimally barren:
Unimportant clumps of treeline are further reduced

To sorrel patches
And the strict definition of weed: herbaceous, a grass,

Indiciduous tree or fungus
That grows on its own terms – irrespective of intent –

Whatever present calcifying

Into Sarsen, Trilithon or bluestone – old
As the right to hospitality – or
Stars, to whom these curiously arranged rocks are not
Even new, have not even happened yet.

The Slaughter Stone marks the procession
Where new-agers and expats lather the woad – wear
Cut pillows, unaware
They were the ones who first built them – that Salisbury

Means “Recurrence” or – more literally – “to recur”,

The Wolf Stars watching.