UMSU Elections: Nominations Now Open

Wednesday, 30 July, 2014

Nominations for the 2014 University of Melbourne Annual Student Election are now open. The election is to be held during week six, the first week of September.

In order to be eligible to run for office, candidates must be currently enrolled as students at the University of Melbourne. There are numerous positions to be filled, including but not limited to: Office-bearers (e.g. President, Wom*n’s Officer), members of the Students’ Council. Various Committees, members for the Burnley Student and VCA Departments, delegates to the National Union of Students, and a student representative for the University Council and the board of MU Student Union Ltd (two-year terms) will also be up for election.

To lodge a nomination, students must fill out the relevant forms available from the Returning Officer or the UMSU elections webpage. In addition to a Nomination Form, those students wishing to register a ticket or group ticket; run a ticket for multi-member positions; or run for positions that cannot be held concurrently must submit further forms. However, it is not necessary to be on a ticket to run in the election.

In conjunction with nomination, candidates may submit a policy statement to be published in Farrago and on the UMSU election website. These must not exceed 100 words for all positions. Office-bearer positions, however, can reach up to 300 words.

Nominations close strictly at 12 midday on Friday 8 August, and cannot be extended. As such, candidates are encouraged to personally deliver all forms well before the deadline to the Returning Officer, on the fourth floor of Union House.

The elections will take place during the first week of September, from Monday 1 to Friday 5. Voting is open to all current students.