Feminist Discussion Group topics

Update on Feminist Discussion Group themes/ topics
Week 3 Allies
Week 4 Privilege
Week 5 ->Sex work
Week 6 -> Sex wars-> positivitiy,
Week 7-> Queerphobia
Week 8-> transphobia
Week 9 ->Womens health
Week 10 -> Women and disability
Week 11 -> Food
Week 12

Other topics for other weeks/ second semester
Different feminisms and they it links with other social theories, capitalism, socialism,
Women in history- where are we?
Rethinking vocabulary- recognising oppressive language
Representations of women in the media
Affirmative action vs meritocracy
Pregnancy- IVF, abortion, reproductive rights,
Food-> different relationships, dieting
Women’s Health
Women and psychiatry
Women in disability
Feminism and academica, ivory tower, leaders,