From Plato to Einstein (HPSC10001)

“In a word: Fun. Falling under the ‘History and Philosophy of Science’ discipline in the Arts faculty, ‘From Plato to Einstein’ will awaken your inner-Scientist. Kristian (the lecturer) is amazingly organised, providing notes prior to the lectures, and presents the week-to-week topic in an engaging and interesting way. The lectures are always intellectually stimulating, and although a lot of the material will go over your head (particularly if you’re an Arts student with only a minimal knowledge of Science/Physics), you are guaranteed to be amazed by the complicated words used such as ‘Electromagnetism’ and the mix of nonsensical mathematical laws (you won’t need to know these, don’t worry!).

I would recommend this subject for anyone with an interest in science, but doesn’t have a lot of background knowledge.”

Would you recommend this subject? YES