Genetics is a scientific discipline of biology and underlies most if not all modern branches of biology. It is the study of the genetic code, changes in it (and the inheritance of these changes) and their effects on the organism they reside in.

Studying genetics will give you a strong base to move forward from. As the genetic code underlies all biological diversity, so the science of Genetics is used in all fields of biology. As our knowledge of genes and genomes increases, its use increases as well. Want to help conserve a species? Understanding the relationship between individuals is critical to stop inbreeding, and genetics is your best friend here. Want to become a doctor and help find the cure for Ebola? Both the immune system and the Ebola virus can be understood by understanding the genes that code their activity. In the future being able to sequence a person’s genome can tell you which drugs or psychological treatment has the best chance to work on them, reducing needless waste of time, material and suffering for the patient due to side effects.

Not quite sure what you want to study, but that biology might be it? There are far worse places to start than with a science that underlies so many others.