GEOG20009 Landscapes and Diversity

Recommended? Yes

Available as Breadth? Yes

An easy and engaging subject for anyone interested in the natural environment. It features a 5 day field trip to Tasmania at the beginning of the mid semester break, semester 2. For $500 you get to visit Cradle Mountain, Cataract Gorge and Ben Lomond. Ian ‘Wombat’ Thomas is the most ill-organised academic to exist, but an encyclopaedia of plant species and features. Phil Mountain-Goat Marren has a knack for making everyone feel intellectually inferior but has great chats about Iceland and glaciers, if that’s your jam. If you’re more about warmer climates, consider the Summer intensives GEOL20001 Geology of Southeast Australia to Southeast Victoria, ENST20002 Environmental Field Change Class to Far North Queensland for 10 days or GEOG30023 Global Climate Change in Context for a 10 day field trip to New Zealand.

Landscape and Diversity’s assessments are easily organised- a few prac reports (completed in class), a field journal and an exam that accurately mirrors the lecture schedule.