GEOG30019 Sustainable Development

Recommended? Yes
Available as Breadth? Yes

This is the capstone subject for the Environmental Geographies major in BEnvs, but taken by a wide range of disciplines. Brian Cook’s ecstatic manner of teaching is the forefront and most enjoyable part of this subject. Lectures are the most engaging part of the subject and tend to work better when Brian goes off-bat, so just ask some questions to get the ball rolling. A mixed class of many cultures as well as economists and socialists joined together to discuss the so called oxymoron of “Sustainable Development”. Brian is consistently skeptical about it, and pushes you and your moral judgement. The bullet-point essay ends up being easier than you think, and if you want a good mark in your Tutorial Presentation make sure to have a good activity. The take home exam topic was fair, but challenging. If all of university was like this subject, it would be hella rad.