Who are AVMelbourne?

AVMelbourne is a department of UMSU operating on a not for profit basis and without funding.

AVM provide live production and streaming solutions for UMSU and The University of Melbourne.

AVM has been serving The University of Melbourne community for over 15 years and have over 70 years combined experience in the entertainment industry across Australia.

Xain Milke – AVMelbourne Coordinator
Xain has spent a large amount of his working life as an audio electronics technician and service manager, both within small businesses to large multinational corporations. This background, combined with his involvement in the music industry for over 30 years has provided Xain with a wealth of knowledge and experience. From playing bass in bands to roles such as management, tour managing and stage/guitar technician, Xain has been involved in productions within many venues (pubs to stadiums) nationally as well as working within touring festivals including The Big Day Out, Falls Festival, Southbound and the like. Xain has worked with AVM and running events within UMSU and The University of Melbourne for over the past twelve years.

Steve Ward – Senior Production and Technical Officer
Steve has over 20 years in the entertainment industry in live sound, film and TV, sound recording and mixing, broadcasting and production management with experience ranging from the Big Day Out to the Commonwealth Games, Corner Hotel to the Sydney Opera House and everything in between.  Steve has worked for artists as diverse as U2, Living Colour, Hilltop Hoods, Vanilla Ice, DJ Shadow, Killing Heidi, Potbelleez, Flying Lotus and many, many more. Steve has also been the Production Manager for many major festivals and events across Melbourne and is still active in the city’s vibrant entertainment scene. With over 10 years teaching and experience supporting higher education, Steve adds a unique perspective on AV and entertainment for students, academics and professional staff on campus.

Isaac Loeckenhoff – Production and Technical Officer
Isaac has been working in the entertainment industry in areas such as live sound, film and TV, theatre, sound recording/mixing and production management for more than 20 years. With experience ranging from various community events, Indigenous and Government arts initiatives, the Lane Way Festival within venues like Festival Hall, the Adelaide Play House and touring festivals such as The Big Day Out.  Isaac has worked with artists as diverse as Ringo Star, Flaming Lips, Snoop Dog, Norman Cook, Cindy Lauper, Gosling to name just a few. Isaac has been actively supporting live music both in Melbourne and around Australia, mentoring young artists and volunteering his time and resources to events like the End Of The Line Festival in Belgrave. Isaac brings audio production to AVM with a high degree of professionalism, passion and drive.