About C&S

The Clubs & Societies department is the the biggest and definitely the mostly penguin-loving Department of UMSU. The C&S Officers and Clubs Committee look after more than 200 clubs that are affiliated to UMSU; this involves all the fun stuff: affiliating new clubs, approving grant applications, and providing clubs with the right training to help them manage their club in financial, administrative and food and alcohol-related ways. If you have any issues or queries regarding club shenanigans (how to start a club, organise an event, fill out different forms, or anything else at all), we’re the people to talk to, so feel free to drop in and have a chat!

(03) 8344 4834

Monday to Friday: 10.30am—4.30pm
Level 1, Union House, University of Melbourne, 3010 VIC

Meet the Office:

From left to right

Gunter the Penguin
Our department’s mascot, you should drop by for a #selfiewithGunter.
In a ‘complicated’ relationship with Tobias Trunke

Fiona Sanders 
The C&S Coordinator aka clubs administrator Sanders.
The beating heart of the C&S department.

Matthew Simkiss
Office Bearer 1 (OB1)
I once tried to join every club on campus but there was too many so instead I became the Officer Bearer.

Nellie Seale
Office Bearer 2 (OB2)
The one who is usually wearing the penguin onesie.

Meet the C&S Committee
Provisional Declaration of Results: C&S Committee 2018

The C&S Council on the 17th of October, 2017 elected the 2018 C&S Committee.

Provisional Declaration of Results:
C&S Committee 2018

The following are provisionally declared elected (in order of election):

  1. Daniel Sango (Arts Students Society)
  2. Dorothy Coco Kirkcaldie Bowell (Science Students Society)
  3. Christopher Melenhorst (Tabletop Gaming Society)
  4. Raphael Canty (Engineering Music Society)
  5. Samuel Gard (Spirit, Liqueur and Cocktail Appreciation Society)
  6. Ciara Griffiths (Friends of Unnatural Llamas)
  7. Ilan Rosen (Computing and Information Systems Students Society)