How to Affiliate a Club

2020 Applications are closed – from Week 0 2021, download the Application form here or pick one up in Union House. 

Note that all future dates are subject to change as the University Calendar may change due to Covid-19 policies. Dates updated April 8.

Reasons to start a club are vast and varied; it may be as simple as contributing to the University community, meeting like-minded people or to receive funding from UMSU for events. Some of the benefits of affiliation to UMSU include:

  • representation and support from the UMSU C&S department
  • financial grants
  • free or discounted use of UMSU and University facilities and resources
  • participation in the UMSU C&S promotional expos
  • discounted training in Safe Food Handling and Responsible Service of Alcohol
  • public liability insurance cover

The club affiliation process is straightforward and you can always contact the Clubs & Societies Office for help. Here’s a summary:

Step 1: Application and initial approval

“How to Affiliate a Club” form is due by 4:30 pm Friday Week 3

Semester 1 2020: Friday March 20 / Semester 2 2020: Friday August 21

  • Collect the application form from Union House or download it (linked above) and complete all sections, including finding 50 students to sign the Expressions of Interest form.
  • Expressions of Interest are only accepted if they are complete records (including the email address) and are signed by the individuals.
  • Submit it to the C&S Office by the deadline.
  • In Weeks 4 & 5 the C&S Committee considers all new club applications and you will be advised of the outcome.
  • Grounds for rejecting the application can be found in in Regulation 4.1.2: C&S Regulations – Amended 05.10.2018.

Step 2: Writing the club constitution        

Constitution draft must be approved by C&S staff by 4.30 pm Friday Week 7

Semester 1 2020: Friday May 1/Semester 2 2020: Friday September 18

  • You will be invited to meet with C&S staff to draft the constitution in Week 6 or 7.
  • You will use the Standard Constitution (C&S Regulation Appendix 1) and the club Name and Aims that were previously approved by the C&S Committee.
  • In exceptional circumstances the C&S Officer may allow a non-standard constitution that is consistent with the provisions of the Standard Constitution and C&S Regulation 5.1.1.

Step 3: Inaugural General Meeting (IGM)   

Compulsory IGM information session on Tuesday Week 8 1-2 pm

Semester 1 2020: Tuesday May 12 / Semester 2 2020: Tuesday September 22

IGM must be held by 7 pm Friday Week 12

Semester 1 2020: Friday June 5 / Semester 2 2020: Friday October 30

  • One or more of the Contacts must attend the information session.
  • After attending the session you will sign up members and organise the IGM.
  • The IGM must be called with consultation with the C&S Office as a representative of C&S must attend the IGM to conduct the elections.
  • Meeting Papers must be submitted to C&S within 2 weeks of the IGM date using a checklist and templates provided by C&S.

Step 4: Affiliation

  • The C&S Coordinator will review the papers and make a recommendation to the C&S Committee at their next meeting.
  • The C&S Committee will formally affiliate or deny affiliation to your club and you will be advised of the outcome.
    • If affiliated you will be invited to collect an information pack from the C&S Office and all the rights and responsibilities of affiliation apply immediately. You will be required to open club bank account and establish club email account within 2 weeks of Affiliation.
    • If you are denied affiliation you will be advised of the reason. If there is time to reconvene the IGM in the academic year the group may try again.