Covid-19 Advice 

We understand that social distancing impacts aspects of the affiliation process. We will publish FAQ here:

I’m applying to make a new club. Do I have to collect physical signatures?

This is a decision only the C&S Committee can make, and they are only meeting on Tuesday next week, after the deadline for submitting the application form. We recommend that you collect electronic Expressions of Interest and submit by the deadline. If the Committee does not accept these, we will provide another opportunity to submit forms.

Can I submit my forms electronically?

Yes, please email good-quality scans of all pages of the application to clubs@union.unimelb.edu.au.

Is the submission deadline still Friday 4:30?

Yes. This deadline is set in the C&S Regulations, and there has been no waiver to it. Furthermore, we wish to keep affiliations on track, and this is facilitated by timely submission of applications.

What about face-to-face meetings in the affiliation procedure, especially the IGM?

Other parts of the affiliation process that require face-to-face contact will be either facilitated electronically (constitution consultations and training) or deferred (Inaugural General Meetings) if social distancing is still recommended when these parts of the process are due to be completed.