Resources & Training

Sign up for training (links activated when training is available):

  • SFH Training
  • RSA Training
  • AGM Training
  • Treasurer’s Training
  • Grants Training
  • Governance & Financial Management Training
  • SFH Plan Completion Forum

Clubs & Societies Regulations and Policy:

Forms, Resources & Guides:

Grant Applications are on Clubs Online. All Executive members receive login details after their election. If you are a club executive memeber and you do not have access to Clubs Online please email clubs[@]union.unimelb.edu.au

Venue & Resource Bookings:

  • Resource Booker access is only available to Clubs Executives who have lodged an x.lastname@student.unimelb.edu.au email address with C&S. Use for:
    • University outdoor grounds spaces
    • Union House Rooms & North Court
    • Information Centre Resources (including BBQs and Tables)
    • C&S Resources (eskis, First Aid kits, etc.).
  • University room bookings
  • Union House Rules

Executive Wiki:

For any questions or information on running a club, try looking at the clubs Exec Wiki page first. In order to access it from home you will need to set up a university VPN.


Affiliated to UMSU Logo for Club use:

Read the C&S Affiliated LOGO GUIDELINES and email clubs[@]union.unimelb.edu.au to obtain a zip folder containing the logo files.

Alcohol Service Policies & Procedure: