Club Events and COVID-19

*Information correct at time of publishing, 15 March 2021

UMSU is committed to returning events and activations to its campuses in a COVIDSafe way where there is an UMSU approved COVIDSafe Event Plan in place, in accord with government restrictions and guidelines and consistent with the University’s broader return to campus approach. All UMSU events need to comply with the broader UMSU COVIDSafe Plan.

PLEASE NOTE: A breach of COVID-19 health and safety protocols (whether deliberate or not) may be deemed to represent student general misconduct subject to the extent a student’s behaviour places themselves or other members of the community at risk.


Workflow for meetings, workshops or events

Whatever you call it, it must be covered by a COVIDSafe measures. Event organisers should be prepared to convert to online activity at short notice to meet public health requirements.


Meetings, meet-ups and workshops

Small gatherings of members based on standard operational activity such as Club meet-ups, Club Meetings, Rehearsals, Workshops are defined as meetings and need to operate under the UMSU and relevant divisional COVIDSafe plan. Additionally they will require:

  • Meeting/Workshop/Kitchen Dining SOPs or Unimelb Catered Meetings SOP or Meetings and Workshops SOP, depending on UMSU or Unimelb venue booking
  • QR code at venue
  • Sign in sheet for attendees who cannot use QR registration
  • Any other current measure informed by UMSU under DH and University advice.
  • Event producer commitment to comply.

Density limits may apply – please check current Vic Gov advice, and density limits of meeting rooms. Club meet-ups will require Attendee Registration to be compliant, and platforms such as Trybooking or Eventbrite, can be used to support this.

Operational activities outlined above do not require PRT event registration, completion of a COVIDSafe Event checklist or local approval providing they are conducted within the parameters of the relevant SOP.

COVIDSafe expectations slide

UMSU_Catered_Meetings_Workshops SOP

Unimelb SOP Catered Meetings & Functions 27 April 2021

Unimelb SOP Meeting Rooms 27 April 2021

UHT SOP056A – Piano Cleaning Procedures[1]

UHT SOP057A – Rehearsal Room – covidsafe[1]

COVIDSafe Event Process

Most of your events can now be caught under one pre-approved COVIDSafe Event Plan (CSEP), that works under the UMSU COVIDSafe plan. If your event is at the IDA Bar, it must comply with the COVIDSafe plan – IDA.

The Event Grant Application form that you submit grant requests through will act as your COVIDSafe Activity Proposal, so there is no need for you to complete a separate document. The C&S team require you to review your proposed activity against the CSEP to ensure compliance. Where it is identified that extra measures need to be included, you need to customise the UMSU COVIDSafe Event Plan and submit to C&S for approval.

Once approved, you will need to register your event with PRT. For all events, the Event Checklist which must be completed by you throughout the event planning and execution process.

Events_Checklist_On_Campus (updated Dec 2021)

Event_Checklist_Off_Campus (updated Dec 2021)

Attendee Registration

Set up an online attendee registration for each event or meet up. Platforms such as Trybooking or Eventbrite can be used for this. Communicate the COVIDSafe expectations to your attendees prior to the event. The UMSU Conditions of Entry is available here.

Contact Tracing

QR check ins are required for every event or meeting. The codes are to be placed next to the venue occupancy poster at the entrance of each event space.

Most University spaces and formal venues have QR codes, but for outdoor locations or events without a formal venue, please download a QR code from the Department of Heath website and keep on file for your events that fall under this criteria.  For attendees who do not have capacity to scan a QR code, please use the Attendee log.

Covid Case Management

This procedure outlines the response that UMSU staff and student representatives should undertake if a suspected or confirmed COVID-19 case occurs within the organisation during an event or while participating in UMSU activities or services.

Club executives must alert the C&S Coordinator (Fiona Sanders) of any positive cases ASAP. Please have your attendee list handy.

Online component for meetings, workshops or events

UMSU recommends providing a zoom link for attendees who cannot make it onto campus, or where room capacity has been met.