Physics Courtyard

Picture of Physics Courtyard (not really)

The Physics Courtyard is one of the more awesome venues on campus, owing to it being so close to the Physics building. It has a fixed BBQ, which is pretty cool, and sausages will attract physicists.

  • Uni map reference: G20
  • Size: small (max capacity ~80)
  • Overflow area: no
  • Floor type: paved
  • Water: yes
  • Electricity: no
  • Fixed BBQ: yes
  • Nearby undercover area: yes (but small)

How to Book

  1. Two weeks in advance of the event, fill in the Grounds Booking Form, scan it, and email it to and
  2. If you’re having alcohol, then two weeks in advance:
    1. fill in the Alcohol Form (you can get a copy from the Clubs Office)
    2. get Fiona, Ben or Goldie to sign it
    3. scan and send it with the grounds booking form above
  3. On the day, if you need to use the fixed BBQ, check that the gas panel has been opened. If not, talk to Physics Reception.
  4. After the event, make sure you clean up.