Operations Sub-Committee

Students’ Council currently has one Sub-Committee – the Operations Sub-Committee.

The Operations Sub-Committee has authority to make decisions in relation to:

a)    Office Bearer Leave of Absence;
b)    Student Representative participation in UMSU Staff Selection Procedures;
c)    Expenditure of the Students’ Council budget to a limit of $1000 per budget line, per meeting;
d)    Staff Training and Development expenditure;
e)    Guidance for staff in performance of operational roles;
f)     Recommendations to Students’ Council in relation to Policy and Regulations; and
g)    Any other matter as directed by Students’ Council.

  • Students’ Council may specify a separate financial delegation for the Media Department for the amount required to print an edition of Farrago

The Representatives of the Operations Sub-Committee are:

(a)  Five (5) voting members, elected by and from the voting Representatives of the Students’ Council, two of whom must be Women. If at least 2 Women do not stand for election, any shortfall in the number of women elected may be filled by other representatives; and
(b)  The President and General Secretary, as non-voting members.

The current voting members of the Operations Sub-Committee are:

  • Matthew Harper-Gomm
  • Raiyaan Mahub
  • Hannah Krasovec
  • Max Dowell
  • Evvie Ranogajec

All minutes of the Operations Subcommittee can be made available by emailing the General Secretary (secretary@union.unimelb.edu.au).

2019 Minutes

2018 Minutes

Former Sub-Committees

Prior to July 2013, Council had 2 Sub-Committees. These were the Finance Sub-Committee and the Staffing Sub-Committee. Minutes for these former committees may be found here