UMSU VCE Summer School – 2020 Director Position

Applications for this position are now open.

The revised deadline for applications is Sunday the 26th May at 5pm.


2019 VCESS Directors’ Report



The University of Melbourne Student Union Inc (UMSU) is recognised by the University of Melbourne as the representative body for all students. UMSU is responsible for a broad range of student representative, student engagement and student support activities. UMSU operates under the principles of Student Unionism which are broadly defined as student control of student affairs. UMSU embraces the policies and principles of equal opportunity and occupational health and safety.


VCE Summer School Overview


VCE Summer School (VCESS) is a two-week tutoring program for VCE students which takes place in January and aims to help high school students from disadvantaged backgrounds gain a head start on their final years of education. The program has a particular focus on creating a healthy study-life balance, focussing on students from schools that are under-represented in the Victorian tertiary system. It also aims to provide tutoring on a wider range of subjects than any other academic service provider.


VCESS is made up of approximately 400 VCE students and 200 volunteer tutors.


Position Summary:


Successful candidates will work as part of a team of Directors to plan, deliver and evaluate the VCESS program and relevant events.


Time commitment


This position has a substantial time commitment associated with it, and successful candidates are expected to meet deadlines imposed both by intrinsic constraints as well as their own timetable.

Time commitment will vary over the course of the project and will include general availability including time on campus and:

  • a presence on campus for weekly meetings
  • a minimum of 10 – 15hours per week (flexibility to work with team members)
  • a period of intensive interviewing of volunteer tutors
  • 3 days of conducting volunteer tutor training in late November
  • an estimated commitment of 60+ hours per week at peak times during tutor interviews and during November, December and January
  • full time living on campus with volunteer Residential Tutors and VCE students during the 2 weeks of VCESS (note that the cost of this is covered by the program).


Detailed Position Description


The Director Team will be responsible for planning, delivering and evaluating the VCESS program. The role includes volunteer management.  The Director Team will be responsible for recruiting, training and communicating with volunteer tutors for the program.  More competitive applicants will demonstrate the ability to sensitively and effectively manage interpersonal and emotional welfare issues within the student and tutor cohort. They will also be able to take the diverse backgrounds and needs of VCESS tutors and students into consideration at all stages of program implementation.


The position also requires strong leadership and program management skills. The Director Team is required to plan the 2020 program, by identifying and actioning key areas of improvement. More competitive applicants will have demonstrated the strong organisational and logistical skills required to deliver the program. They will be expected to develop a detailed budget and manage the program’s finances, including raising sufficient funding from both internal and external sources to ensure the program is successful. They will also need to administer the program including enrolling students, maintaining the student and volunteer tutor databases, logistics planning and facilitating timetabling of students and volunteer tutors. The Director Team will need excellent time management skills, and the ability to work effectively to deadlines. Applicants will ideally demonstrate the ability to organise large events or similar programs and demonstrate the ability to quickly respond to logistical challenges. Previous experience in a position of responsibility within the program will be considered favourably.


More competitive applicants will also display highly developed written and verbal communication skills and demonstrate the ability to liaise with a number of stakeholders. Stakeholders in the program can include UMSU and University staff, tutors and university students, parents and high-school students as well as high-school staff. In addition to this, the Director Team is responsible for producing the post-program report to Students’ Council. The Director Team is required to adapt their communications to these different contexts. The Director Team also needs to demonstrate the ability to promote VCESS and to advocate for the program’s interests, both internally and to prospective participants. Successful applicants will also demonstrate the ability to work effectively in a high-intensity team environment.


Further Information


  • Directors must hold a valid Working With Children Check.
  • Directors are expected to act as subject tutors on the program.
  • Directors will be allocated office space in Union House.
  • Directors are required to remain in their position and to be actively engaged for at least 12 months to allow overlap of Director tenure.


Key Selection Criteria


  • Commitment to VCESS
  • Awareness of Educational Disadvantage
  • Ability to work independently
  • Ability to work as part of a team
  • Organisational and logistical skills


Health & Safety and Environmental Responsibilities of staff and volunteers


General Responsibilities

Staff and volunteers shall be responsible for:

  • the reasonable care for their own health and safety and that of other personnel who may be affected by their conduct;
  • cooperating with others in relation to actions taken by UMSU to comply with Occupational Health and Safety legislation;
  • not wilfully placing at risk the health or safety of any personnel;
  • not wilfully or recklessly interfering or misusing anything provided in the interest of health and safety or welfare of any personnel;
  • undertaking tasks in accordance with relevant standard operating procedures or work instructions;
  • wearing correct personal protective equipment specified in standard operating proceduresor working instructions;
  • seeking supervision and guidance from the relevant supervisor for all new or modified work procedures;
  • using University and/or UMSU divisional procedures to report hazards and incidents;
  • where required, participating in health and safety consultative arrangements, including meetings;
  • where required, participating in health and safety information, training and induction procedures;
  • following UMSU and divisional procedures for emergencies;
  • implementation of relevant specific responsibilities described in the University’s and or UMSU Ltd health and safety policies and procedures.


Authority to Act

Staff and volunteers have the authority to act to:

  • commence an emergency response in accordance with emergency procedures;
  • report workplace hazards and incidents to the local manager or supervisor;
  • raise health and safety issues in accordance with the Issue Resolution Procedure;
  • after consultation with the local manager or supervisor, cease a task and seek alternate duties where the nature and degree of the health and safety risk results in an immediate and serious threat to the health and safety of the staff member.

Conduct and Behaviour:


Directors are expected to observe standards of equity and fairness in dealing with other volunteers, staff, students and members of the public by:

  • Acting in ways that foster and protect the business, reputation, best interests and welfare of UMSU and taking action to prevent unethical practices as appropriate;
  • Maintaining appropriate confidentiality regarding personal and commercial matters;
  • Acting in good faith, ethically and in the best interests of UMSU;
  • Complying with UMSU policies and procedures, laws, regulations and standards that apply to us in our professional conduct;
  • Performing duties to the best of their ability and with skill, care and diligence;
  • At all times treating volunteers, staff, other students, colleagues and members of the public with courtesy; respecting their roles and duties;
  • Acting honestly and fairly in all internal and external transactions and dealings with individuals and organisations.






The application consists of a:

  1. Resume (including 2 referees)
  2. Cover Letter (of no more than 2 pages) addressing the key selection criteria
  3. Vision Statement


Your vision statement must address 2 areas of the program that you believe require amendment or improvement, and how you would address these.  It must also include 1 area of the program you that you would keep the same in 2020 and why.  Your vision statement must be no longer than 500 words.


Applications must be submitted to one, uniform document. You will receive confirmation of the receipt of your application once it has been received.


The deadline for application is 5pm on May 26th, 2019.  All applications (Resume, Cover Letter and Vision Statement) will be assessed against the Key Selection Criteria.  Applicants who progress past this stage will be required to attend an interview at a time in the week following close of applications. Questions about the position and/or application process should be directed to