Wondering if VCE Summer School is for you? Read what parents, students and tutors think of it.

Parent Testimonials

“To all the team at VCESS, thank you for all you have done to offer our young people the chance to prepare so beautifully for this very tough VCE year. The effort and work you have all put in has been extraordinary. Our daughter has loved every minute of it, and felt nothing but supported. She now has a much better idea of what she will go on to study because of the amazing support the tutors have all given. From VCESS, we wanted our daughter to gain confidence and learn to manage the workload and stress of exams. She has he gained so much more – a belief in herself, a growth mindset about challenges and the awareness that there are kind people who selflessly help others and seek only to share their love of learning. This is the single most useful learning opportunity she has ever had. Each and every tutor instilled a new perspective, from helping her to understand her learning style preferences to seeing the big picture and life beyond year 12.Thanks you everyone for sharing your passion for learning and inspiring these up and coming learners. From the tutors, the union house managers, support crew and organisers – thanks for giving up your time and ‘paying it forward’. As a teacher myself, I can tell you that you have made a difference to these young people that will last for the rest of their lives. The things our daughter has come out with are testimony to the sound teaching she has experienced. You have had more impact than you realise, and are the best role models we could ever ask for.” – Parent of a 2016 VCESS Student

Student Testimonials

Here’s what some of our students had to say about what they loved most at VCESS:

  • The tutors – they are inspiring, passionate, highly knowledgeable & overall just great people
  •  Amazing people & being helped in every way possible 🙂
  • The feeling of community and being able to make friends in a strong learning environment.
  • The hard-working, friendly, dedicated, awesome most badass tutors who sacrificed blood, sweat, tears and time for us!!
  • I met so many great people through classes & activities. So making friends & learning were highlights for me. I loved everyone I met
  • The tutors were excellent!!
  • Getting to know a number of new people and experience what university life is like.
  • Meeting new people and feeling more confident going back to school
  • I liked the activities/workshops that break up classes
  • I had a blast, thank you! I loved this program 🙂
  • Really supportive and committed VCESS crew. Thanks
  • Expectations exceeded, will be back next year. 🙂
  • Thank you for an unforgettable experience

Tutor Testimonials

VCESS wouldn’t exist without the help of our dedicated team of tutors. Here’s what they think of the program:

  • “I always say this, and I do mean it. VCESS is the best program I have ever been part of! I’m so proud to say that I have helped give kids the head start I would have wanted for VCE” – Year 11 Biology tutor.
  • “Having other tutors around all supporting each other created a good atmosphere, and most of the students were enthusiastic and excited to learn. The personal pride and joy from seeing students come to a realisation when all the material in lessons were tied together and knowing that my tutoring was what got them to that realisation was amazing and gave a sense of doing something useful and worthwhile. And knowing that at the same time you were making a difference to disadvantaged students that need the extra help and time to get to the same level as the average student made the experience particularly rewarding and enjoyable” – Year 12 Biology tutor.
  • “A rewarding and enjoyable experience and I would happily be involved in this capacity again” – Year 12 Mathematical Methods tutor
  • “The best aspects of VCESS were the friendships formed over two weeks, the support provided by all of the directors, the professional nature of the program and the organised timetables. The Zine was fantastic” – Year 12 English tutor.
  • “The community feeling of the tutors (and I’m sure the students felt this as well amongst the student cohort) – united for one purpose, a desire to help others and volunteer time to do it. The general atmosphere; of being excited for university or other future pathways” – Year 12 German tutor.
  • “Meeting great, genuine people. Everyone at VCESS itself was so supportive and friendly and helpful in every way and it made for a brilliant 2 weeks. Students got really involved in the activities, one on one tutoring and classes and that was great to see” – Year 12 Biology tutor.
  • “I had an amazing time and every student I taught said the same!” – Year 12 Chemistry tutor.
  • “The quality and type of teaching and interaction with the students demonstrated by most the tutors. Rather than just giving them information, tutors made it relevant and made themselves available for one-on-one tutoring to explaining something further if needed. This one-on-one tutoring was taken up frequently and is a credit to the way that the tutors made their students comfortable enough to approach them for more help.”  – Year 11 English tutor.
  • “The atmosphere and the students’ excitement during the program is unparalleled” – Year 12 English tutor.
  • “This year was my first VCESS, but I know it won’t be my last. It’s a wonderful program!” – Year 12 Physical Education tutor.
  • “My first time with the program has been so much fun and so rewarding!” – Year 12 Studio Art tutor.