Volunteering with the VCE Summer School (VCESS) is a great way to get involved with the University community, help young people and have a great time in January.

VCESS is a two-week program from the 6th-17th January (in 2020) designed to give high school students from a wide range of backgrounds a boost with their final years of school. It’s run by university students and we need you to be involved – whether tutoring a class or helping out with our Special Roles.

Tutoring a class involves 6 hours of class time over the two weeks; joining one of the Special Role teams can involve a variety of commitments outlined in the position descriptions below.

All tutors are expected to attend tutor camp (29th November – 1st December 2019), or, if that is not possible, tutor training day (21st November 2019).  We, however, strongly recommend attending the camp to get the most out of VCESS!

Timely applications are now closed, however if you are interested in applying as a volunteer, you can submit a late application below. Late applications will close without warning, so apply as soon as possible if you want to get involved!




Positions Available

Everyone involved in the VCE Summer School is expected to be a Subject Tutor, but there are also a wide range of other roles for you to consider—have a look at the position descriptions in the link below!



Check out the range of positions available for tutors here

Click here for information about the 2020 Director Applications!