Destination Melbourne Volunteer Roles:

How do I apply?

Volunteer applications for the 2019 program will be opening very soon.

Questions and Concerns

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Current Roles in the Program

Note: All applicants must have a valid Working with Children’s Check (WWCC), PRIOR to commencing any of these volunteer roles (should you be accepted into the program). If you have recently applied and are awaiting an outcome, you will need to provide evidence of applying for the check.

Volunteer Hosts (day or residential roles)

Hosts are either a residential or day leader assigned to a group of about 8-12 students. They work in collaboration with their paired co-leader as a mentor for their group, leading students through the various program activities, supporting student’s interpersonal development. Recruited hosts are typically students who are actively involved in other extracurricular programs run by the University, UMSU or outside of tertiary study life. Hosts encourage student participants to get involved, be proactive, make the most out of what university has to offer and grow as a supportive member of the community.

Day hosts

The day position mentors their group with their residential host co-leader and is involved in all main activities of the program, however, they do not remain residential for the program. It is expected that day hosts still put in as much effort and time commitment as they are able to in order to support the development of students in their group.

Residential hosts

Residential hosts mentor their group during the day activities, but also reside overnight throughout the program. They also help facilitate recreational activities during leisure hours.


Media Manager

The Media Manager is a creative, organised residential volunteer whose role is to drive the marketing and promotion of the program. They work closely with directors to create promotional advertisements and videos that are vibrant, focused on the university transition process but adhering to the regulations of UMSU and the University of Melbourne. As Destination Melbourne runs within a very tight deadline of VTAC Round 1 registrations to the commencement of the camp, the Media Manager must be committed and prepared to promote across various platforms and using different types of media.

Applicants with skills in video-making, candid-photography and social media management are highly considered.


Welfare Coordinator (residential role)

The Welfare Coordinator works in collaboration with the Destination Melbourne Directors to deliver various program workshops surrounding life skills, navigating tertiary studies and caring for (mental and physical) health. The invaluable experience and supportive role of the Welfare Coordinator will also be available during the program to address student and hosts with any mental health issues that may arise. Welfare Coordinators are also encouraged to guide Directors with any recommendations on how we can better support the mental and physical welfare of program attendees.

Applicants with experience or certification in Mental Health First Aid and/or at least Level 1 First Aid are highly considered.

DM2017- Host group

DM2017- Host group

DM2017- Student (Blue) and Host (Red) Shirts

DM2017- Student (Blue) and Host (Red) Shirts

DM2017- Host group

DM2017- Host group