About the Program

Joining a Host Campus Tour is a great way to start your life at uni! It’s a way to meet new people and get acclimatised to the Unimelb campus, with plenty of chances to socialise with other new students from your faculty.

  • What are Host Campus Tours?

UMSU’s Host Program runs campus tours which give you an opportunity to meet a bunch of students from your course, go on a tour of the campus and get some tips and tricks on enjoying uni life! We welcome all students and are excited to meet you at a Host Campus Tour during Summerfest orientation. Hosts are current University of Melbourne students that support the orientation of new students! They not only provide faculty-specific tours around campus, but insights as to what university is like (from a student’s perspective) and the best tips to help new students get settled at university.

  • I’m a new student to The University of Melbourne, how do I find a tour and a tour Host?

As a new student, you don’t need to apply – we’ll contact you! New students will be emailed by their Hosts about allocation time and thier meet-up place. We hope you are excited to make new friends and get to know the campus. Arrive at your designated meet up place on the day, and we hope you learn more about the University and make new friends from your group! If you can’t find your allocated group, feel free to join another one – you’ll meet lots of interesting people. Just look for the friendly students wearing Host shirts on the day!

  • I’d love to be a Host, how do I apply?

Apply to be an UMSU Volunteeer Host!

Apply at the link above to be a Summerfest Host volunteer! Once you’ve signed in, choose your preferred interview and training session. We’re looking forward to see you there! Please note that returning hosts are not required to attend an interview but they’re required to attend a training session to refresh their knowledge of the campus!

  • Any more questions?

Send us an email at hosts@union.unimelb.edu.au