Go Well

25 March – 4 April

Closing Night, Thursday 3 April, 5-7pm

Kirsty Budge and Rohan Noonan

Entrance Gallery

Kirsty Budge and Rohan Noonan share an interest in form, texture and colour.  The collaborative work in Go Well was generated through a synthesis of intuitive perspectives, materials and application.  This experimental work literally combines both artists’ materials and aesthetics, with a particular interest in colour and texture.  The sculptural painting was created specifically for this exhibition at George Paton Gallery, keeping in mind the limitations and advantages of the gallery space.

Go Well was created over this summer in a combined studio environment forcing the individual agenda of each artist to be considerate yet challenging of the other.

Both Kirsty and Rohan are undertaking their third year of a Bachelor of Fine Art at VCA.  This collaboration has stemmed from smaller projects undertaken whilst attending art school through a shared aesthetic and love of materials.  Both artists use traditional and non-traditional materials and techniques to emphasis forms, space and the relationships they create.

See the installation photos here.