Immunology it available as a major in both the Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Biomedicine; as the name suggests, is the study of the immune system. This major consists of three compulsory subjects which give a broad yet detailed overview of how the body fights infection through the differentiation of white blood cells, the numerous signalling pathways, as well as a touch of genetics, transplantation and its complications, and autoimmune diseases. The focus is on the human body, not so much the causes of infection, and how innate immune responses turn into an adaptive immune response. The major must be complemented with another subject of your choice and can include microbiological studies of bacteria or viruses, biochemistry, genetics, or pathology. There is one textbook for the core subjects and although pricey, it is invaluable and available as a pdf online if you look hard enough.

This is a tough major; there is a lot of rote learning and memorisation of seemingly arbitrary molecule names, a lot of work and study is required, and it can on occasion turn you into a hypochondriac because of the complexity of action occurring at such a microscopic scale. However, it is a fascinating field of study, the lecturers and laboratory staff are incredibly intelligent and ever helpful in providing information on both the course and post-graduate options, and the lab-based core subject allows for networking and the development of close friendships with peers.