9-19 SEPTEMBER 2014


Ashlee Ko


INFINITY explores the discreet articulation of spatial perception and examination in relation to the feeling of serenity. As a site-specific project, INFINITY aims for a heightened psychological context, transforming existing architectures beyond their inherent dimensions. The window shape of the drawer act as a canvas frame and the hand painted air vent connects with the immediate and one place to another. The gap between frame and canvas introduces tension; highlighting the window absent room INFINITY transports the viewer to an in-between space, between suffocation and serenity.
Blue painted canvas extends to the blue wall and it becomes a perceptual sculpture form, generating infinite space that leads to a space of subtlety. INFINITY brings out a sensitive and subtle relation between the viewer and the activated architecture. A dream-like experience, allowed oscillation between reality (the phenomenal experience of wall / colour) and imagination, this is turn conflicting with the airless environment.
The expanded flatness converts the process of viewing to one of calmness, inviting the uninitiated viewer to an intensity of aesthetic experience.


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Ashlee Ko, INFINITY, Wood, synthetic polymer paint and canvas, 2013