Dr Jun Ohashi is the subject co-ordinator for entry level Japanese 1&2. While demanding and challenging for those with little background in Japanese, it is pretty easy to do well if you dedicate time and effort to the subject.

Dr Yasuhisa Watanabe is a fantastic lecturer and coordinator.  He currently takes Japanese 3 and 4, which are very well-structured and interesting. Course topics are interesting and relevant.

In Japanese 5 and 6 (previously 3A and 3B), the course begins to meander around with very little structure or guidance.  These subjects are taken by Dr Sayuki Machida, who has done some fascinating research, but is not a particularly engaging lecturer or coordinator.  There are no clear units in these subjects; topics are not cohesive and students spend a lot of time reading articles that, while interesting, don’t seem to be relevant to a particular area of language. Most Japanese tutors are excellent; good communication and very dedicated to helping students.