13 – 23 May 2014

Closing Night, Thursday 22 May, 5 – 7pm

Joseph Gentry, Ben Kelly, Jean O’Donnell, Gail Smith and Alex Walker


What constitutes an image in the Internet age?

With over a billion images taken, uploaded and shared across the world every day, the character of the image has and continues to mutate in a high speed, interconnected world.

What is it that we actually see on the screen and how does it affect our daily lives?
Of the multitude of images we see everyday, how many of them can really
touch us?

.jpeg is the response of several young artists studying photography at the Victoria College of the Arts to this current condition, seeking to define what an image is in the online era and how it represents the concerns and experiences of today’s society. Through an exploration of anonymity, abstraction, documentation and freedom of access, .jpeg sets out to test the limits of visualization and representation in digital photographic media.

To achieve this, the artists involved have chosen to investigate various ways in which the digital image can be embodied in a gallery space. What happens when the over-sharing of social media sites is brought into the real world? Can a website itself become an image? Where does the barrier lie between truth and fiction when the entire world is at your fingertips? It is these questions that .jpeg will endeavor to answer.

See the installation photos here.