Kiffy Rubbo and The George Paton Gallery: Curating the 1970s

29-30 AUGUST 2014


A dynamic and unique force in Australian art, Kiffy Rubbo was director of the Ewing & George Paton Galleries, at the University of Melbourne Student Union, 1971-1980.

With Meredith Rogers, Assistant Director (1974-1979), Rubbo devised an innovative and inclusive exhibition program presenting a wide range of artforms. Under Rubbo’s leadership, the Gallery became a vital, nationally recognised venue, the first institutionally supported experimental art space.

For the first time, Rubbo’s legacy is explored, including her major role in Australian visual culture. This symposium investigates the George Paton Gallery’s radical agenda, Rubbo’s curatorial strategies and the narratives she proposed about contemporary art.

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Supported by the Australia Centre, CCRAG, Victorian College of the Arts, University of Melbourne Archives, UMSU Inc., Norma Redpath Bequest and the Rubbo family

IMAGE: Judy Stack and Bob Weis, Kiffy Rubbo in ‘You, Them and Us’.  Video installation, 1977