Landscape Architecture

Gardening?! It is just a part of what most people think about doing landscape architecture. I am too still at the surface in understanding what I learn in terms of professional work in landscape architecture.

However, the reasons why I can recommend landscape architecture are the integration of almost everything, the dynamic and complex nature of science and arts/designs. While architecture in many respects only dealt with buildings, landscape architecture is gaining multiple knowledge of the terrain before they built something, building may be one of them. Many projects involved many basic nature and approaches to the landscape. Playing with small furniture, such the orientation and materials of benches, sculptures, trash bins in the park can even sometimes become significant to the site. For instance, if trash bins have to be put inside the national park, they will be considered save for the inhabitants if the trash bins have protective materials that prevent bad air to pollute the park. Durable material that blend

with the surrounding colour have to not disturb the eyes and lure the animals to play with or feed from the trash bin if it can be easily opened, etc.

Large scale also includes in landscape architecture services, such as the design of the national park itself.

Because many landscape architect learn and integrate many different things that occur in the landscape and conditions nowadays, esp. the rapid development of urban areas, for students later professionals can choose to learn more deeper knowledge that interest them by the presence of elective and breadth subjects under the University of Melbourne model.

The growing environmental problems have been a positive booster for students to study landscape architect as their understanding of many disciplines and the environments of a landscape can help to facilitate a project.