Let me,

12-22 AUGUST 2014


Caitlin Cummane


Let me, provides images of people and places to simultaneously evoke intimacy and isolation, connection and disconnection. The pieces evolve from an interest in impossibilities to do with representing a reality, recreating and imposing an experience and understanding the perceptions of others, as well as our own.

“STEP away from your camera phone – constantly taking photos stops our brains from remembering what happened. US researchers have dubbed it the “photo-taking impairment effect”, after students on a museum trip were significantly less accurate in recognising items they photographed, compared to those they only looked at. It is thought that the sheer volume of digital photos keeps many from accessing them, after an earlier study found people use the internet in place of a memory.”

(mX Newspaper, 2013/14)

“A museum in Mexico is collecting love letters, stuffed animals and diaries that recall failed relationships. The Museo del Objecto del Objecto said 200 items were handed in on the first day. “We are a little surprised, happy but also terrified,” museum director Paulina Newman said.”

(The Age, Odd Spot, 2013/14)

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IMAGE:  Caitlin Cummane, Looking at the Sunset (detail). Video still, 2014