Make a stand – 6 April 2020

Hannah Buchan, President
Jack Buksh, General Secretary


Today we met with the University and discussed a variety of issues. The University doesn’t think that this semester will have a major impact on our WAMs, so we need your help to prove them wrong. As we shared with you last week, we strongly believe that the University should adopt models practiced at other Universities – an option for students not to have passing grades recorded on your WAM, and for any fail marks to be omitted from your transcript.

Students are at a disadvantage this semester, so it’s time for the University to stand up and do what’s right for students. Let the University know how you feel.

Students are stronger when they stand together.

Sign the petition here.

Video Transcript:

“Following on from our video from last week, we wanted to give you an update on our meeting with the University today.

So, in our meeting with the University — which included Vice Chancellor Duncan Maskell — we raised a variety of issues that are affecting students right now, including assessments, accommodation, the grant status, and particularly what we wanted to address with you today; the status of WAM and how this semester is going to impact that.

You’ve all been telling us that WAM is one of the things causing anxiety at the moment — I know, we’re the same — so that’s something that we raised. The University informed us that they’re not going to be changing how they calculate WAM. Because apparently coronavirus is not going to affect people’s studies.

That’s ridiculous. We think it’s ridiculous that this is the position they’re taking, considering universities all around the country are taking steps to make this easier for students, and changing WAM calculations.

This needs to change, and we’re going to keep fighting for it, but we also need your help to get behind us to get the University to change their position.

And that is; tell them what your thoughts are. Bombard their social media. Email them.

They need to know what you’re thinking, and the way we change this stuff is with the entire student body behind us.

So, we need your help.

When students come together students are stronger, and we know that the University has been proven to listen to us.

The University has indicated that they will be releasing more information about this soon, so we need to tell them what students think now so that they can change those requirements for WAM.”