Management Major

Management as a major is varied and has a number of specialisations within the major itself. It’s a really good second major if you’re not sure what to do with any extra credit points you have, and you will learn a number of useful skills and theories. Be wary- they do expect a lot of group work, but the level 1 and level 2 (particularly Organisational Behaviour) subjects are designed to teach you the best ways to work with others. Organisational Behaviour is a level 2 compulsory subject, but don’t use it as a marker for the rest of the subject; it’s there to give you the absolute basics of management theory, and the other subjects on offer are much more interesting. There are also a number of opportunities for people who are willing to study hard to get the best marks at the highest level – Level 3 subject Global Management Consulting allows students to study abroad for a host company and complete a case study. If you’re interested in the ethics and decision making processes that occur in business, an excellent level 3 subject is Organisations, Ethics and Society; this subject requires you to think and debate your fellow students to really develop an idea of why a decision might be made by a company. Andrew Zur is a tutor who really knows his stuff.