11 – 21 March 2014

Closing Night Thursday 20 March, 5 – 7pm

Marcus Encel


Soliloquy examines and extends tropes related to the soliloquy from the stage such as the narrator, ‘the
aside’, ‘breaking the fourth wall” and the monologue.
For the dura2on of Soliloquy, Marcus Encel will turn the en2re gallery into a studio, where soliloquies will be
created in situ from passers by and people invited to the gallery. These will include narra2ves that have a depth of
passion or humour3 with performances inves2ga2ng the nature of memory, reality and truth by contras2ng
opposing viewpoints of the same events. Using digital composite techniques, Encel will create backgrounds that
reflect each story, in some instances, they may be highly surreal. 4ne component of the exhibi2on will include daily
performances, some extending beyond the gallery space.
For the finale on Closing Night, Encel will present a video installa2on which includes the signature piece ‘Soliloquy’.
While in part a story of a father and his sons, it is more a musing on the nature of opposing memories and reality in
the form of three simultaneous projected soliloquies.
Marcus Encel is a Melbourne based mul2media ar2st working in the areas of video, performance and mar2al art. His
current prac2ce involves exploring the soliloquy as a process in contemporary art.

See the installations photos here.